A POS software has several components including cash drawer, receipt printer, EMV enabled card reader and barcode scanner. If you are shopping for a golf shop retail point of sale system ensure it ticks on the following features.

Inventory trackingwebsaloon 9

It allows one to monitor the current stock be weeks to years. Such a feature is important in avoiding over –ordering as it set alerts when the quantity gets low .that avoid going short of any product in the retail shop category. These tracking and reminders makes it easy to manage and plan enabling cash flow.

Ease of use

It’s critical to the use of this system is essential to every daily transaction. Complex POS system are difficult to use and need the employee to learn continuously, update and troubleshoot. It’s important to strike a balance between


The system use and their capability to offer a feature that will make your business more productive.

This is important when it comes to retailer’s expansion mode. If you lack the money of funds to but sophisticated POS system look for one that will grow with the business. By this, I mean going for one that offer the necessary with minimal gear and software and at the same time have room for extension.


This is a factor that should never be overlooked. However, it should be at the top of the priority list. Buying a POS present an excellent chance to get the business going and staying competitive without worrying about its compatibility. This kind of solution is imperative for any retail owner to be he or she is new to the industry or having experience.


A high global credit card fraud occurs via point –of –sale systems. Therefore rising the protection for you and the customers is important. Use of encrypts chips on credit will help prevent financial information from landing into the wrong hands. When purchasing a POS system ensure that it meets the EMV requirements so as to reduce later cost and future frauds.

Ready for sales

By following the above guidance you will be ready to makes huge profits using your cash registers or when ringing cash sales. If you need further information, you should consider knowing the various parts of POS system with an in-depth. This will help you to troubleshoot when it’s down and avoid associated loss , cost and time spent in making it operational again.