image-9There are plenty of PTC sites out there. However, due to a myriad of the reason, some outperform the others. In this article we shall briefly see some of the highest paying PTC sites. Note that the described PTC sites have been verified and are safe to join at will.


Clixensce one of the oldest PTC sites you can get. This makes it straightaway legit. The rates range between 0.001 dollars to 0.02 dollars per click. This varies by the timer length of the advertisement. Depending on how you use this PTC site one could still earn even without going for the referrals.

Some of the additional ways to earn on the site include winning cash in the clixgrid game, doing crowd flower task, surveys, and video and daily bonus checklist.


It is a big PTC site with plenty of ways to earn. Besides paid to click way, you could also make money through paid to read email, paid surveys, signing up offers, and by building traffic. Both Donkeymail and licence have 6 level downline system.

Donkeymail is easy to sign up and advertise. The payout is as low as $1.

Inbox dollars

This site has proved to be useful and a reputable PTC site on the internet. The primary way of earning the site in reading emails from partner sites. The minimum payout is $30 where you get a gold membership plan once you hit the $30 target.

Inbox dollar is one of the best sites to do surveys and play spin games.

No minimum

This PTC site is similar to Donkeymail in many ways. The few difference are on emails referrals, especially with the layout. There is no 6 level downline system. The site has packages where you can get up to ten free referrals per month on an automatic. The payout is $1 through PayPal or Liberty Reserve account.


It a highly reputable PTC site. The minimum payout threshold is $7. It has plenty of ads to click, YouTube videos where you can watch videos and give comments. You could also make extra earnings by completing the requirements of posting proofs and jobs.

Note that this site offers adult ads where you have to view them without getting offended. The site has anti-cheat links with the bot link appearing at the bottom of the page. Make sure you do not click on it often otherwise your account might get closed or suspended.