Subway surfer is a world tour game developed by Kiloo and SYBO games. It is published by Kiloo a private based company in Denmark. It is released on 24th may 2012.It is very interesting, thrilling and endless running game. It is a cop and thief game in which the police and dog chases a boy named Jack who is been caught in the act of graffiti a metro railway station. The boy runs on the railway track to get rid of the police. While running he grabs gold coins on the track, in the air while dodging the objects, trains coming opposite to him. subway surf indir is the latest version available. The rate of the score increases as he runs faster and faster like 2x,5x,10x.There are many new themes ,new cities in the game. Hover board facility is available which helps to save his life though he dodges any object. Special things like weekly hunt, daily hunt helps to grab more rewards.

Did it have any exciting things while running?images 9

While running on the track he grabs gift packets in which gold coins or hover board or rate increase gifts are available. Manyothers characters also available, but based on the coins. He can grab lives while running on the track. It is the game which includes many superpowers like jetpacks, super jumpers, super sneakers, coin magnets. It connects us to our friends and increases our power. The game ends when the surfer crashes directly into any object or running train or got stumbled. Jack will come through many obstacles. You should swipe left and right, jump, bend and roll. Super jumper will allow jumping upon the train, and running with high speed. Coin magnets helps to get all the coins while running on the track even you are not in that lane. Jetpacks allow you to fly in the air and grab the coins. Special missions, special characters are available to make the game more interesting. Score multiplier is used to increase the score in the rates. Super sneaker allows running faster and grabbing all the coins in the air.

Can we buy new characters in this game?

Yes, we can buy them other characters are available by spending the coins. You can but Magnets, Score multiplier, Super sneaker, and Super jumpers. You can get the game from play store. In the game it allows you can watch a video to increase the life or to get more coins. Word hunt, Special objects hunt allows getting more rewards like magnets, score multiplier.It is a single player game and compatible to android, IOS, windows phone 8, kindle. The characters of inspector and dog are same but dress is changed based on the location which changes every month as it a world tour. Use all the special powers and play the game to increase the score.