Drone piloting can turn to be lucrative but what are some of the things that every amateur should know?

Follow the rules

Drone flying is still new in most industries.The laws are formulated restricting when and where to fly drones. Any accident involving commercial drone tighten the knot of drone issue. Before you launch your drone to the sky, it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with the already implemented drone rules in your state or country. Such measure will ensure that you play by the rules and don’t put other people health at risk.

images 9Some of the main rules applying in most countries include; using multiple crews for scouting, not flying the drone over peoples, stations, and national parks, keeping the drone within your sight and never flying the drone higher than 400 feet above the ground.

Start by flying in open area

Before you get to fly your drone in a more complex terrain its best to sharpen your skill in places where incidents are less likely to happen. Look for an open area with a flat terrain and clear of obstacles such as trees. Flying in the morning or late in the evening is best as the area will be clear of people.

Check the weather. Most of the drones e.g., Koop Syma Drone X8G have been improved to fly in the wind, but the images are not as sharp as when shot in calm weather.

Start by learning the basic maneuvers

In term of height start by controlling within 5 feet and as you get to learn to increase the height by 5 feet intervals. Most of the controls in drone cameras are repeatable. Learning this basic are very important .some of the fundamental controls include hovering and landing safely.

As one practice this controls a second nature. Another area includes controlling the camera direction and focus.

But spare parts

Crashing the drone is always inevitable more when you are new. If you observe most UAV you will notice that they have battle scars on their side. Spare batteries last for half an hour and take longer to recharge. Unless you don’t intend to use it longer than having extra batteries is essential.

Insure the drone gear

There are some policy covering this and if you happen to purchase an expensive equipment it’s wise to insure it and get compensated in case it crash.