How can you identify unqualified leads?

You cannot judge anything by only the numbers. Numbers can often be misleading. Quality is what matters the most. In case of leads, it’s the quality leads that can get you more revenue. So how can you say that you are not generating quality leads? There is software available now that automate lead qualification. But how effective are they?

First sign that you are having an Sales 9unqualified lead is that you will have short calls. It is not necessary that you will have to close calls of 100% leads, but when most of your calls turn out to be short ones, it’s something to be concerned about. It’s the job of the marketing team to separate the qualified leads from the unqualified ones. The main reason for short calls is that the lead doesn’t know anything about your company. Another reason is the lead is either unsure of their own need or doesn’t know what you are offering. The last reason is that they cannot afford to buy your product or service. It is the marketing team’s duty to break up a buyer’s persona based on the factors just discussed. If they did, this unqualified lead wouldn’t even get to the sales team.

The main thing about generating qualified leads is to define the personas of your buyers. Then you must create content based on those personas. You must be able to connect with your lead. If you find that your lead is unsubscribing from your email list then you should revise your content. After making contact with your lead, the sales team usually makes phone calls or sends emails to the leads. If the lead doesn’t respond to your calls or emails then they couldn’t identify with your product, service or price. Qualified leads would keep in touch with you.

Your webpage must have information regarding the price you are offering for your product or service. If your product costs $250 and the lead’s budget was only $50, then it’s an unqualified lead. You should target the decision makers. Many people who browse through your products or services are not the decision makers. But if they are impressed, they can pass on the information to the decision maker in the house. For example, your son browses through a travel website and sees this awesome deal. He can inform his father about it and the father might just book a family holiday! Your content must be of very high quality in order to attract the decision makers. You should be careful that you are not going after any unqualified leads.

Freelance Squarespace Developers

I worked with numerous Polish engineers at Sky scanner and I can let you know from my own particular experience that they are a wise, persevering bundle. Clearly, this is only a profile – I mean, I’m certain you can discover British designers who are superior to anything Polish engineers and so on, yet all in all they make incredible software engineers .webpage 9

You don’t need to take my statement for it either – at time of composing, has Polish coders positioned #2 on the planet simply behind Russian coders.

I’m situated in the UK and I much of the time visit Poland so it likely bodes well for me than most to search out Polish coders – yet where to discover them?

Beneath I display my discoveries from the top consultant sites to demonstrat to you where to source Polish coders for your most recent undertaking. Here are some freelance squarespace developers


I discovered 26 Polish specialists on consultant. These were a blended sack of virtual associates and coders. I would absolutely consider these exceptionally thin pickings, so in case you’re searching for Polish coders don’t trouble with Most by far of these Polish specialists hadn’t finished 1 venture on so in case you’re searching for Polish consultants, stayed away?


On there are numerous more Polish coders and web planners. A snappy inquiry and I discovered 358 Polish consultants, every one of whom has finished undertakings. These specialists shift from coders, web architects, db specialists to visual originators and virtual colleagues.

Guru is a significant pleasant site for specialists unmistakable difference a distinct difference to which has an extremely carriage interface.

When I performed a quest on here for Polish consultants I discovered 1582 specialists which is marvelous, BUT just 9 of these Polish specialists had any surveys making me question the information. A more critical look uncovers that a significant number of these “masters” are non-coder related, e.g. sound specialists, which may clarify both why there are such a variety of AND why so few have audits.

Particularly for coders, there are a little more than 500 of them on Just 3 of these had audits, showing not very many are really looking for some kind of employment on this site – this could be great or awful – it could be great in that you might get yourself a deal, or it might be terrible that you squander time on a site that these folks don’t visit.


I figured out how to discover 1319 Polish consultants and coders on, by far most of whom have surveys.

On the off chance that I change my inquiry to show Polish consultants who have charged for no less than 100 hours, I see 375 of them – really good.

Factors to consider when starting a catering business

banquet tableThe business of catering has increased recently. Catering is an important part of restaurant business. People are now spending more on lavish personal events, as well as corporate events. As a result, there has been a growth in the catering business. Research has shown that restaurants having catering services are earning more revenue than restaurants that do not have this service. Survey results show that more consumers plan to entertain guests at home in the future. Many restaurants now offer customized meal plan for their homes or offices.

Catering can be in different forms, including private parties, deliveries, carryout, off-site food service, etc. There are many restaurants that cater for on and off site weddings, corporate events, charity events, class unions, etc. These restaurants provide extensive menu to choose from. Some restaurants are specialized though, for example, serves only Chinese menus. There are also different packaging options available.

If you want to start a catering business, then you first need to decide what type of events you want to cover. The type of event will have impact on your menu and the number of customers you are going to serve. For example, the number of guests in a private home party will be more than the number of guests in a wedding. You need to decide on the maximum number of customers you can hold. This will depend on your available staffs, size of business, etc. Menu selection is one of the crucial tasks of a catering business. You should decide what menu you are going to offer to your customers. You can either have a broad range of menu or specialized menu. You can also have the option of customized menu. These all depends on the resources that are available to you. You should then decide how you are going to transport the food to the place of the event. You should make sure that whatever transport method you use, the quality of food is maintained.

When you get the contract of an event, you need to plan well with your staffs. Hold a meeting and distribute specific tasks among them. Make sure you serve the food on time. You also need to communicate with the customers clearly to understand their specific requirements. Catering may need extra workspace for preparing large platters or packaging. Large cold storage space is also required. You will also need space for loading and unloading the packages. You need to consider all the costs associated with the catering business before starting your business in this area.

Website stresser

Be it for hacking or booting off someone from an online video game, website stresser have been around for a while. Under this category, there exist several types of stress methods. They include DNS reflection or amplification attack, SSDO reflection, SSYN which is a variety of attacks including the TCP exhaustion .SYN spoofed activity with randomly sent numbers that are designed to increase the processing load on a target computer.

Dominate is a four layer flooding images 9technique that was introduced in 2015.The method is advertised as a method of attack to protected service by sending traffic to the IP addresses of the protected servers. Some analysis shows the method is an improved version of spoofed SYN script adding the capability to various TCP flags.

From reviews and personal experiment, I have checked various stresser and their capabilities and below are some of the best stressers that I have settled for.

Free ip booter

There have been a recent spike in the market escalating the competition for booters fighting for the first position. Free IP booter has been overshadowed by other stresser that promise heaven only to deliver little. When launched within, the NTP flood for a duration of ten seconds with 10gbits server and got impressive results.

The booter is hardly known but has a potential to send 900 attacks floods within a time frame of 15 seconds.

EXO stresser

This booter is by far the favorite to a majority. It’s customized by features that rely upon found in other stressors and is highly has a high power and takes down most of the web connections.


The booter offers a unique source and is operated by professionals. It gives massive hits and takes down connections within seconds.


It’s registered as an LLS stress testing service and brings hits that ensure target go offline fast. Try any link and it won’t fail.

vDOS stresser

If you need raw power that will make you feel like an actual hacker, this stressor is the real deal. It’s recommended in taking down servers and website mores on large-scale connections.

Aura stresser

It’s recommended when it comes to smaller sized network connection, modems and home routers. It’s very effective in crippling Xbox, Skype with the connection going down easy.


If you want to boot someone for a long time, this stresser is your has the capability of stressing for two hours with UDP amplifications and SEO connections.

Outsourcing vs insourcing

Outsourcing is a popular concept now. It is being implemented by organizations throughout the world. It is a cost saving measure. It Outsourcing solutions West Virginia are growing also. By outsourcing certain general tasks, companies can focus on their core competencies. They can transfer their non-core functions to outsourcing companies located in countries like India where the cost of doing these tasks is vHelpDesk 9ery low. Come people view the concept to outsourcing negatively. They believe that it is hampering the local economies of the country which are outsourcing. People of these countries are also losing jobs.

A new concept has now been developed known as insourcing. Unlike outsourcing, insourcing will create more jobs and provide better management control. Insourcing is seen mostly in manufacturing companies which hire services and labor from an external organization so that they can cut costs and reduce their tax burden. When a company builds a new business facility in order to specialize in a particular service, it is also known as insourcing. Companies which are unable to outsource or are not satisfied by the services provided by the outsourcing companies, they go for insourcing.

You need to first define your business objectives in order to decide whether to outsource or insource. Insourcing is suitable when the business needs are temporary and no investment is required. Insourcing can help you build a team of skilled people if done properly. Insourcing is also a good option when you are not confident about outsourcing your services. Companies which do not have any experience in outsourcing, can start with insourcing first and then go for outsourcing.

Outsourcing is an excellent option when you need to cut down your business operation costs, at the same time, you need expert professionals. Companies of all sizes can benefit from outsourcing. They end up saving a lot of money. If you outsource your non-core functions, then you don’t need to have in house skilled personnel in this area. The main drawback of outsourcing is that people sometimes don’t feel the confidence to give away their tasks to non native people. Some companies have reported having problems with outsourcing companies, but majority seems to have benefited from it. This is why the demand for outsourcing is still growing. If you decide to outsource, you need to carefully choose your vendor. You might take recommendations from other companies who have outsourced their tasks. This way the risk of non-conformity of tasks will be reduced.

Selenium software

Selenium is a software testing for webimages 9 software.It provides a playback tool that authorizes test without necessarily learning scripting also gives a test domain to write test in some favorite programing languages such as Perl, PHP, python, java and groovy. The test can be run in modern web browsers. It’s compatible with Windows, Linux and Macintosh computer platform.

It was developed in 2004 and have expanded into various components.

Selenium IDE

IDE are initials for integrated development environment used in selenium test. It can be integrated into Firefox, allow recording, edit and debug. The scripts can be recorded and edited manually by improving the auto competition support with the ability to move commands quickly. A particular test in selenium provides commands that are used to perform actions in the browser.

Selenium API

It’s an alternative to silence writing test. After writing it, the API commutates with selenium by calling in Selenium API.

Selenium remote control

It’s a server written by accepts commands via HTTP. Remote control writes automated test for web application in several programming language. Selenium RC is necessary when launching HTML.

Selenium driver

It’s like a success to selenium RC. The web driver commands and then send them to the browser. Most drivers launch and access the browser application e.g. internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox simulating them to use HTML units.

Selenium grid

It’s a server that allows the web browser to run on remote machines. With this software, one server acts as the hub.This hub has a list of servers to browsers and lets the use test instances. The ability to run such test in remote browser instances is crucial in spreading a load of a test in several machines. The test on browser runs in different platforms.

Selenium training covers several comprehensive principles using Selenium IDE. It’s made for beginners as well as those with experience.

Introductory units

They target the beginners and takes them through basic techniques used in writing automated web test. The objective of the course includes helping the students understand a key concept in selenium, reply and record, and also verification. The following are some of the topics covered in the syllabus.

Introduction to selenium.

This is just but an overview of what is to be covered.

Installation and setups

It guides the learners how to record and simple playback test and also how to save and execute tests.

Other topics include first test, locating web elements, verification and synchronization, programming and testing and lastly taking it further.

Best mpg Results with AMSOIL Synthetic Oil

OED 9In the current austere global economy, fuel economy has become one of the most talked about topics in the automobile industry. While before 2008 fuel economy was one in the midst of all factors to be considered when buying or using a car, now it is the driving factor which shapes and reshapes all criteria when using an automobile, from the brand, to the rush hour. MPG (miles-per-gallon) is a referential formula and variable for this calculation. It first checks how many miles does a car travel per gallon. Most of the time, though, this is not a valid formula, because of side-variables which influence directly MPG numbers. A direct variable that illustrates the complexity of fuel economy is, for example, rush hour. Rush hour can give a rise petroleum usage by 30% each month, which surely is a big problem for most families. How can this problem be solved?
One way to decrease the number of variables that are directly involved in higher fuel usage is using the right kind of oil. According to experts, synthetic oil can increase MPG efficiency by 8.2%.
Experience proves that the everyone can obtain best mpg results with AMSOIL synthetic oil. In fact, most studies cite AMSOIL synthetic oil as the best in keeping fuel costs low, up to the maximum quote of 8- 8.2%. How does this happen and what differentiates AMSOIL synthetic oil from other brands? The answer is simple: the right viscosity. Various engines require various levels of viscosity. This can be unfortunate in the case of natural oils whose molecules are unchanged. In some cases, this can lead to a temperature increase of around 2- 3% during the internal combustion phase. A small up-shift in the combustion temperature can lead to increased levels of fuel waste, and in some cases engine damage. While it is scientifically proven that synthetic oils and changeable viscosity are cost-effective and eco-friendly, AMSOIL synthetic oil differs from other brands. AMSOIL offers a huge range of different and customized synthetic oils, which do not only adapt to various automobiles, but to lifestyles also. For example, the viscosity of AMSOIL “off road” automobile oil varies from the viscosity of their bike oil. The different and personalized viscosity helps different types of engines to adapt faster to the oil, while keeping costs low and the environment clean.

Utility audit service

For organizations that utilization a lot of utilities, charges can be genuinely ridiculous, particularly when you understand that organizations routinely pay thousands- – even millions- – of dollars for inaccurately charged telephone, water, gas and electric services. Meters get read dishonorably, sums erred, or the wrong information entered. Also, on the grounds that most records payable individuals have neither the time nor the comprehension to decipher the disorder of assessments and charges at the base of every bill, this cash gets pointlessly paid out again and again. Be that as it may, in case you’re a meticulous individual who likes getting to the IMG 9base of budgetary matters, you can spare the day as a utility and telephone charge auditor. You’ll check for charging mistakes as well as break down customers’ use designs and pinpoint ranges for reserve funds, and prescribe rebates and elective services that can spare cash. The focal points to this business are that you can begin low maintenance with low costs, you won’t have much rivalry, and its subsidence verification. It’s additionally a decent offer to potential customers in light of the fact that they don’t pay you anything unless you find refundable mistakes or approaches to spare cash – your charge is a segment of the discount or funds they get from your mastery. You’ll require an unmistakable comprehension of how telephone and utility audit service billings work- – from levies to assessments to client, vitality and fuel charges. Furthermore, since you’ll make in any event some portion of your cash by suggesting rebates or elective organizations, you ought to have up-to-the-second learning of the different suppliers accessible in your general vicinity and their rates and rebates or different advantages. Also, you ought to have the monetary innovativeness to outline and suggest cash sparing options for your customers.

The Market

Your customers can be organizations of all sizes and depictions; however you’re most solid option will be to go for high vitality purchasers like healing centers, lodgings, eateries, schools and different establishments, cleaners, coin laundries, and 24-hour general stores. Post office based mail direct mail advertisements and pamphlets to these organizations, then catch up with telephone calls. You can likewise send leaflets to business advisors, bookkeepers and other people who can allude you to their customers. System among expert and municipal associations and compose articles for nearby productions.

Required Equipment

About everything you need to begin is a PC with a laser printer, the standard office programming and a decent mini-computer.

Step by step instructions to pick the best utility auditors

Great utility bill auditors can recuperate discounts from past bills, as well as spare you cash on future ones. Selecting the wrong one can be an excessive oversight. Here are a few rules to consider, 13 things to ask and an example RFQ to utilize while choosing which utility bill auditing organization is best for you. Charge structures are additionally secured.


A web hunt will uncover a large number of utility bill auditors and services. Numerous go back and forth because of low start-up expenses. Ask your potential suppliers to what extent they have been performing utility bill audits. This is vital as some more seasoned organizations that have quite recently begun offering this service might shroud this. They do as such by expressing to what extent they have been doing business as opposed to what extent they have given utility bill auditing services.

You need to stay away from organizations that are new and unpracticed, especially those that are not dedicated to the business long haul. A decent sign of an organization’s life span and uprightness is the affiliations that they take part in. Verify whether you are an individual from the same association, for example, an assembly of trade, and assuming this is the case, make them mindful of it. Solicit different individuals from the association in the event that they have utilized the bill auditor. It is constantly great to check if the utility bill auditing organization is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business and what their rating is. Click here to take in more about it.

Adobe muse templates business

images9Muse business template is a contemporary template and provides simple styles in website design. The template is presented with gallery slider and testimonials panel. From the theme one can easily modify it to match personal design .Some of the common features in adobe muse templates business is a clean layered file which is built in muse CC-2014, type kit font, paragraph style, gallery widget and so much more.

One time charge

This cost $54 and you don’t have to pay to get access in all the adobe templates. Also, one doesn’t have to pay any monthly fee or more for one template.

Lock your rate

This means that your rate will be locked forever. However, this is as long as you remain an active subscriber. Furthermore, a discount of 15 % if given when the account gets renewed.

Unlimited usage

Business templates are on an unlimited domain. This goes for both personal and client’s projects. It means once subscribed you can use them forever even when the membership expires.

Updates and support

When using adobe muse for business projects, you don’t have to worry about technical shortcomings. This is because our well-versed technicians are always there to have your always I mean 24/7. They are first in response and give a detailed answer to any of the customer question concerning adobe muse in the business category.

Some of the best-rated apps in adobe muse templates business includes:


It’s a fresh, creative muse template which can be applied in multiple ways. It’s very easy to navigate with a single page for either creative designers, freelancer and business has various animation effects with colors changing every few clicks. The template is compatible for tablets, mobile, and desktop versions.

Muse builder

It’s an attractive one-page muse utilizes powerful features which are suitable for any professional has a lot of flexibility with tasteful scrolling just the right amount to bring smooth movements without mimicking. Muse builder is not limited to the business template as it can bring equally tasteful effects in creative and personal websites.


It’s a premium version with an optimized tablet, desktop, and mobile themes. It has several home options, smart widget use, light box and many more features. On the home screen, there are interesting effects with the template having parallax effects.

Big smile

It’s also a premium adobe theme with features for either desktop, mobile or tablets . It have a social share and web kit fontsweb kit fonts among other existing features.

How Do You Monitor Water Quality

header9Every living thing on earth needs water to stay alive. Human bodies contain 60% of water, clean water is used for drinking, for growing crops, surfing, manage factories, sailing and fishing. Water is very important in every aspect of our lives. Water is protected from pollution with the help of water monitoring. Farmers use this information for the betterment of their crops. Our state, local and national government use this system to control pollution.
The quality of the water is complex to measure. Water is a huge system of branching rivers, creeks, wetland, swamps, estuaries, lakes, springs, bays, etc. Each water body contains different levels of pollution. Water quality issues control environmental and human health.
Variations in Water Quality are caused due to the change in the absorption of any of the inputs to water body system. These changes are may be due to random, natural or man-made. These changes may be natural or man-made and either cyclic or random. As it is possible for some changes to happen in combination, the reasons after variations may sometimes be hidden. how do you monitor water quality is a big ask these days and yes there are some ways to do it.
Different water pollutants are:
• Thermal pollution
• Sediment or suspended matter
• Plant nutrients (Water-soluble nitrates and phosphates)
• Organic chemicals and water-soluble inorganic chemicals
• Litter and debris
• Genetic Pollution
The evaluation of physical, biological and chemical characteristic of aquatic system in respect to human health concern, designated uses and ecological conditions.
Routine monitoring network collects data at different frequencies from most of the streams, reservoir, and estuary segments. Al l the water bodies are monitored to evaluate and define water quality and to respond against pollution.
Samples will be collected in both the seasons (winter and summer) twice a year; it also includes routine monitoring, field measurement, chemical samples, bacterial monitoring, aquatic life monitoring.
The coordinated monitoring schedule:
It increases the efficiency of surface water and analyze the data, monitoring will reduce the duplication of effort and improve the spatial coverage of monitoring sites and consistency of data.
It can also be monitor through various methods.
All the biological data is submitted to TCEQ for making decision.The data should be integrated into laboratory protocol when running the bacterial samples for the TCEQ surface water quality monitoring programs. Field work needs an awareness of potential hazards and knowledge of safety procedure, advance planning removes many safety hazards and reduce them, Quality assurance is must after examining the samples.