Mobile application industry is enormous and continue to grow every day. Over $10 billion was distributed to developers with Android devices shipping over a million devices all over the world. The revenue generated by the mobile industry is expected to soar to $77 by next year. These mobile devices are designed to meet the expectation from each region. As a result, of the growth, a lot of brains is needed to keep the legacy going.

People have channeled and changed career into mobile software development. Most people cower away from the thought of leaving the little job they have and can’t risk switching to software development as they freak of lacking a job as a result of saturation in the industry. The truth is this is the best time to be a mobile software engineer, mobile app designer or an entrepreneur under mobile app business.android_develop 9

If you are prepared to put the geeky glasses on and get to learning the programming be assured that the entry to mobile app development is guaranteed with the pay, slip very attractive. However just like any other technical career one doesn’t become outstanding easily. Learning mobile app development calls for devoting time and hard work.

One can start by going to college and acquire a computer science degree. However the current fee is high and the time to complete the degree a can hack the way to be an app developer. I have gathered some of the best tutorials for Android development .It’s of crucial importance to understand and figure the following queries.

Why you want to venture into Android mobile app development

The answer to this question will affect some important decision that needs to be made during the career. Is programming your true passion? Why did you choose another career? It is because the opportunity never came earlier? The point is it’s important to understand deeply why you want to learn Android development as it will determine your chances of success.

Where to start

If you were in web development and want to switch there ae plenty of sites that will give you the information e.g. Appcelerator Titanium and PhoneGap.if you were previously not involved t any software development or computer work and had prior oriented programming it’s good to start by understanding how a computer works.

The next step in mobile app development

These days most of the mobile app targeted IOS or Android platforms. Know what you want to specialize .one can still go for both. Some of the online courses with a proper fee include code school try objective, Stanford software development, and Java tutorials, Google training for android developers, etc.