images 9SCADA is a hardware and software related to automation of industrial processes. This comes along with PLC computing system which is used to control electromagnetic processes. It is designed for output arrangements and multiple inputs. The system is designed to endure harsh environment and control outputs.

SCADA, on the other hand, is a supervisory control and data acquisition system. It’s a type of industrial control system that is used to monitor and control infrastructure and facilities in industries. Its aim is to develop suitable conditions for managing processes and retrieve data from different stations.

Training in PLC deals with programming microcontrollers using computer language. The course covers applications, instructions, architecture, interface and programming outputs and inputs of PLCs.

With SCADA, the student gets in-depth knowledge on acquisition and management. SCADA training helps in monitoring the software and hardware which in turn communicate with the hardware in the field. Some of the topics covered include how to apply SCADA software, its features, how to create the application, creation of database tags, graphic displays, training and communication with other hardwares and commissioning of network codes.

Both of this fields are advanced engineering subjects and learning the calls for hard work and patience. The career demand is high and lucrative as industries big or small are increasingly getting automated.

They are both used in latest industrial automation technologies. This is to deliver high-quality products and services to the customers. Getting trained in PLC and SCADA improved the career prospect. To prosper in this field one must have sound technical skills and must be well updated with the latest technology developments.

During the SCADA training the following topics will be done: Introduction to SCADA, application, selection, programming of cable, creating new SCADA application, creating and editing graphic display, creating database of tags, start to stop command, drivers of SCADA, configuration of drivers, communication od SCADA, data entry, analog entry and lastly connectivity between SCADA.

Advanced areas

Some of the specialize areas in SCADA trainees and which are areas of advancement includes developing cyber forensic for SCADA industrial control systems, improving the network security monitoring, considerations in selecting distribution of areas networks and research on smart grid security.

How long the curse takes

One can get free SCADA training at or attend the classes’ depending on their working schedule. The course takes three months if done online but one can take as much time as needed.