A Hotmail.com sign in from Microsoft allows one to get a free personal Hotmail email. To enjoy a free Hotmail.com sign in account one needs a web browser and a computer with an internet connection. The benefit of having a Hotmail.com sign in is that it is available anytime through any web browser website. You can also use it to sign into personal online accounts. Hotmail.com sign in allows you to access other related Microsoft Office services.Old-Hotmail- 9

To sign in Hotmail.com account;

  • As you open the web page, you will see the Windows Hotmail.com sign in the page. After that select the sign in now hyperlink on the end part of the website page.
  • Next, you will be taken to the Hotmail.com sign in page. It’s possible that you may get the Hotmail.com sign in account of another user. When this occurs, sign out and refresh the website. If the form or page does not appear on the site, you can still get it from the history of your cookies, web browser, etc. also you can open it in a different site program.
  • Fill in the required fields, for example, your first name, last name, gender and birth dates. The rest text box is optional.

An important field to recall is your username for your Hotmail.com sign in. Hotmail.com email format is someone@hotmail.com. But you can change the username field.

Because of the number of people using Hotmail.com, user will have to enter a unique username. Try on some usernames and Hotmail will confirm whether the username you entered can apply in your account.

A Hotmail.com account is similar to other online Microsoft accounts; therefore you will need to have a password for security and privacy purpose. To set the password, you will type the password in the password text box. When you do this, the password will appear in dots form. One of the rules of setting Hotmail.com sign in password is that the passwords characters must be eight and above in length. Subsequently re-enter the password again in the following confirmation field.

After entering your password plug in the character you hear or find to confirm with Hotmail.com that you are a real user. The characters maybe numbers together with letters. Also, click whether or not you want Microsoft support services to show offers by selecting the box as required. Lastly, click the blue box (create account) button.

By the end of this full process, one will have created a Hotmail.com sign in account that one can use to access email and other Microsoft related services.