Pneumatic conveying is used for transporting dry bulkimage9 materials. In many industries, certain processes are needed to convey materials in powdered or granular form. These materials are conveyed in the chemical, food, agriculture, mining, metal, pharmaceutical and other industries.

The pneumatic conveying system is appropriate fir transporting powdered
and granular materials in factory. All you need is a source of compressed gas, a conveying pipeline, a feed device and a receiver. High, low or negative pressures can be used in the system. Air stream with particular velocity will carry the material to the factory.

The pneumatic conveying system is used in the automation of plastics processes like plastics extrusion, resin manufacturing and compounding. In plastic production process, some steps are required to generate a homogeneous application-specific plastic compound from different raw materials. Material handling needs in plastics compounding can be done with the pneumatic conveying system. In the chemical industry, pneumatic conveying system is used for handling dry bulk materials like calcium carbonate, copper hydroxide, clay, soda ash, limestone, etc. Different types of air blowers are used in pneumatic conveying system. They have applications in various industries and can convey dry solids that include discreet parts, powders and pellets.

Air blowers are also used in sewage treatment. They can be used to treat sewage and make it less harmful so that it can be re-used in many ways, such as in farming. Air blowers are also used in the cement industry for manufacturing cement. It is used in the cement kiln to pass hot gases inside so that the water in the slurry, that is, the mixture of raw materials, evaporates.

The applications of air blowers are many. New manufacturers are becoming widespread in the market who are making more efficient air blowers. Air blowers are now even being manufactured in India and other developing countries. This means that you can buy air blowers for industrial uses at a lower price. Air blower manufacturer India ensures that the products they manufacture are of very high quality. They also consider the buying ability of the customers in this region, so try to keep the cost down. You can also buy air blowers online. But shipping industrial air blowers can be a bit of a hassle. So, it’s better to buy from local manufacturers who use parts from renowned companies and assemble the products.