LED_T8 9The market for luminaries is very complicated because there are many manufacturers and suppliers with different technologies. Acquiring a luminary is not difficult but when we decide to do it we have to look for the best option in terms of price, quality, performance, durability, and warranty.

Currently, we can choose the luminary with the technology that we want although the LED (light emitting diode) technology is preferred since it is developed up to this moment.

LED lamps with their high-quality electronic components and their designs in keeping with modernity, have a superior performance, their efficiency is higher compared to the older technologies, and their energy consumption is much lower. They can also replace traditional lamps. Tube Light with ultra bright LED chips serves as direct replacement of fluorescent tubes.

LED technology is today a state-of-the-art technology, so it is intended to replace traditional lamps (incandescent or fluorescent) with LED lamps. This replacement is due to the increased power consumption of traditional lamps, which causes LEDs to be preferred as their power consumption is half that of traditional lamps.

The LED technology is forming and will form a fundamental part of the lighting in our homes and buildings, since with the development of the technology the automation of the buildings is inevitable. It should be mentioned that there is a new development in the field of lighting such as luminaries produced from carbon nanotubes.

In addition, LED and OLED technologies are used in televisions so that the images are clearer and its design has less volume; in traffic lights, avoiding them more power consumption and making them more visible and durable than traditional traffic lights.

LEDs have also been used in applications in extraterrestrial space, as well as for artistic designs and facades of skyscrapers. The reflection of the growth of the use of this technology is in the manufacturing capacity; the creation of new jobs. This demonstrates that LED technology can lead the market for solid state lighting.